I'm a grade 12 student at the University of Toronto Schools. I'm most passionate about math olympiads, and I also do some competitive programming in my spare time.



Fun Facts About Myself

Impossible List

I love to challenge myself! I created this list of "impossible" challenges, to see which ones I can achieve. I got the idea from here.

Challenge Status Tags Extra Info
Qualify for CMO Done! Math, Contests Qualified in 2016, 2017, and 2018.
Qualify for USAMO Done! Math, Contests Qualified in 2017 and 2018.
Qualify for IMO Done! Math, Contests Qualified in 2018
USAMO winner Active Math, Contests
CMO winner Active Math, Contests 2nd place in 2018!
IMO Gold Medal Active Math, Contests Silver medal in 2018
Create a chess AI that's good enough to beat me Active Programming, Projects, Create My AI started off playing Tic-Tac-Toe, and has now been adapted to play Connect Four.
Understand quantum physics and general relativity well enough that they seem intuitive. Learning, physics Currently, these are the least intuitive parts of physics for me.
Make my own website Done! Programming, Create You're looking at it!
Get a math article published Done! Math It's published in the 2017 May and June issues of Crux Mathematicorum
Be in the news Done! Misc Toronto Sun article
Type at over 100 words per minute Active Skills Currently at 61 words per minute
Learn to write with both hands at the same time Skills, Learning This would be a pretty cool skill to have
Learn 10 programming languages Skills, Learning
Learn 10 new skills in the same month Skills, Learning
Win a hackathon Programming, Contests
Make my own game Done! Projects, Create Spawn
Get an app published on the app store Done! Projects, Create Spawn
Make an app with over 1000 downloads Projects, Create Spawn has only been installed 92 times
Qualify for CCO Active Programming, Contests
Become a red-rated coder on DMOJ and Codeforces Active Programming, Contests I currently have a yellow rating in both online judges
Solve a 50-point DMOJ problem Active Programming, Contests
Inspire someone to do math contests Done! Math
Solve an open math problem Math
Get something named after myself Misc
Invent something Misc
Start a company Misc
Get my own Wikipedia page Misc
Become the best in the world at something Misc